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So it's been overnight, and I still love the green,  so much so I want to put a twist on my new office . .  which I would say is half done since getting kinda-busy I haven't devoted the time on finishing it.  But as I sit here working on a Sunday (the chipper at my house drove me away) I have decided I want to finish and enjoy it.  Pretty environments help me focus ! After writing about Emerald Green yesterday I decided I want to bring that color back into my design plan.

I found total inspiration from Muberry's new spring collection that I came across this morning.  I love their color combination, and take a look at the runway backdrop . . . It's just gorgeous !

I am really close to finishing, all the messy part is done . . . just need the sofa, some pillows and a bookcase !
I revisited the pillows . . . I found these from a vendor of mine.  I especially love the painted "floral"  it combines some beautiful washed color.  The ribbon graphic threads the green, caramel, grey and a touch of the blue.  Perfect - going with that.

So I tweaked my boards and it's game.  I also found this great vintage bamboo chair yesterday and snapped it up.  It's perfect as is with it's cream leather seats - and I have Keith doing a Rothko inspired piece, with a little gold leaf mixed in.

 I love the mix of patterns, textures and fabrics.   A little mid-century, mixed with industrial topped my glam, velvet sofa . . can't wait.

And if you are wondering what I meant by "chipper" driving me away . . . take a look at what's happened back on the home front.  Yes, that would be a 50 foot oak tree . . . down.  Ugh !  Hence my escape to the office.  The neighbors are all climbing, watching, and designing their coffee tables with the huge pieces they are cutting down. So sad !

Happy Sunday !!

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