Spotlight: Josh Utsey

i've really developed an appreciation for handcrafted designs since starting at lucy and company several months ago. each assignment is more interesting than the last, and i am amazed at the amount of work that goes into each process, each piece of furniture, every lighting fixture... so i jumped at the chance to check out the hard work of up and coming furniture/lighting creator josh utsey. he started 6 years ago by building and rebuilding a lighting fixture 5 times over (pictured below). with this project, he realized and embraced the challenge of the process. he then learned to weld and shape metal and wood to create beautiful and unique finished pieces; some of which you'll see below. give 'em a look!

his first design: overhead light crafted from steel, crystals and l.e.d.s
maple and acrylic chair

hand-shaped brass inspired by frank gehry
steel table top, red cedar legs
lamp: borosilicate glass and steel, cabinet: aircraft grade aluminum. the design was inspired by the wings of a plane his father built and the polished look of anish kapoor and marc newson
maple and acrylic table

steel chair with 9mm bullet holes; josh in his southend shop

all photography by mekenzie france

check out josh's site and find contact info at

passez une bonne journée!

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