The Big Apple

what a fantastic trip! as you know, beth, molly and i flew to nyc for a room install and the new york international gift fair... and fun!! i must say, this being only my second time in the city, it was great to experience it with someone who once lived there and knows all the best stomping grounds. beth was the ultimate tour guide. check out some of the sights we saw.
speedy mcspeederson here made us all car sick.
i am officially obsessed with the buildings' character and shadows throughout the city
eggs benedict and smoked salmon for breakfast before hopping the train to the install. mmmmm.
gorgeous grand central
beth picking up some flowers for the soffers' room and some busy gentlemen having their shoes polished
just love this place!
new york grit
the flat iron building, and the burger at the shake shack alone would bring me back to new york.
the beautiful snowy madison square park
all bundled up. negative four degrees with the wind chill! ouch!
union square. loved how this girl was hanging out of her window and chatting on the phone.
fine dining in the big apple
we made it to moma for our last stop. and it was the perfect ending to the trip!!
oh, the age we live in... and i must say when i turned the corner and saw starry night right there in front of me, it took my breath away.

many thanks to beth!

passez une bonne journée!

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