It's Official . . Summer Is Here !

Hi All . . .

I ran away . .  for 4 days that is . . .  to one of my favorite beaches . . . Folly.  It's the perfect beach, close to Charleston, SC, pretty laid back and a morning's drive from Charlotte.  I am secretly looking for a shack on the beach and wanted to take a look around, but mainly just a quick break with the husband and kids for nothing but fun.  Now while I did "unplug" for 2 days, I couldn't resist pulling out the lap top and sharing the colors and feel of Folly on our last night.

If you've never been to Folly, The Tides, is the only visible big hotel in this tiny beach town.  It's a little quirky and I loved it.  I hear it was originally a Holiday Inn but now re-vamped with fun colors and some pretty nifty details.  Great restaurant and outdoor bar.  Last night in true Folly form, a huge movie screen was out on the beach showing a surf movie.

The pier connects to the hotel and there's plenty of surf watching, fishing and strolling around. 

Restaurants line the some 5 block strip from the bridge straight into The Tides.  Great variety of eats and plenty of local color.

We have a surfer in the making.

And I couldn't leave without a stop at Angle Oak.

It was a nice couple of days to welcome Summer !

Back to it . . . on Monday.

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