What's a Style.ma.ker?

Hey there . . . 

This month's Charlotte Urban Home Stylemaker page gave, not only me a nice shout out, but showed the works of Amanda Talley.  Love her work and wanted to show off a few pieces . . .

I remember not too long ago I was speaking with Rebecca Brooks and she was about to receive a custom piece of Amanda's work.  She was most excited, and after taking a look at her work, I got excited as well !

Amanda's studio is located in New Orleans, in the garden district of downtown.  You can visit the studio and go on a tour.  Too far away?   Go visit Hidell Brooks Gallery here in Charlotte to see her work.

I see these pieces and think first of all - amazing color, graphic patterns and movement.  While abstract, which I love, the style and colors would pop in a transitional space, commercial space or frankly anywhere.  Visit her site, she creates beauty.

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