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Have to admit I am a bit of a hotel snob.  When I go out of town, I try and grab the opportunity to stay somewhere new, somewhere I know will have a unique style.  The Westin and W never disappoint, so I tend to book there first.  The smaller boutique hotels are also a big favorite, usually quite artsy, which I love (Ace Hotel,  NYC, amazing).  Bed and Breakfast places at iffy . . . usually amazing on the outside, but the decor in the rooms, not so much.  There are plenty of amazing ones, I just haven' found them.  I have stayed at some real . . . shall we say, less than comfortable . . places too, in an effort to find something unique - it's then I vow to not branch out so much and stick with the heavenly bed with the really good spa . . .

Heading down to the Miami / Fort Lauderdale area this past week for a meeting with my new client Lindsey Heitman, I decided to stay at the W in Fort Lauderdale when she told me she lived a few miles away.

Now have to say, when I heard "Fort Lauderdale," my first thought was.. hum.. Spring Break 1981.  That trip is now a complete blur, but I do remember it wasn't too pretty... but how time changes things.  

This place is gorgeous.  The W, smack on the beach, is slick, stylish, modern and as usual, I grabbed an idea or two while I was there . . . here are a few thing I loved . . .

Pretty and big lobby, as usual, very modern.  Love these side lamps, deep sofas with low back and two round coffee tables rather than one.  Great color scheme of sand and sea.

Great styling of tall, tall bookcases, backed in mirror with low light on the sides . . cool idea.  Large accessories visible at a distance . . what I tell my client when styling their super tall side shelves in a vaulted room.  
Take a look at the Janus et Cie chairs.  Did a post on their great pieces just recently.  They looked great.

Bead dividers - love.  More banquets with great stoops.

And couldn't believe it .. my boxwood walls !  It was great to see in person . . can't wait to install mine soon !  Love the pop of red and I have this chair vendor, been dying to order one of those in knock you down yellow . . anyone game?

Dripping lighting . . love, and these chairs with their woven metal backs - great texture.

So trip was a great, quick escape full of all sorts of inspiration.

Now that I am back and have plunged into a string on installs, I am missing my brief "chill."  I just have to remind myself that I will be back in September to install this Florida job, and will no doubt tack on an extra day to watch the waves (and grab a facial in the W's spa).

Stay tuned for what we pulled off this week . .  
Two girl's rooms, a boy's TV hang out, and almost done (waiting on my upholster) another lounge and family room.  What happened to the slow days of summer?  Not so much.

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