The Viceroy Miami - To Die For . .

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I was sad to leave the Viceroy Miami . . I could have spent countless hours wandering around this amazing property, laying around it's 310 foot infinity pool overlooking the bay on the 50th floor or embracing the calm in the Water Spa.  I am such a fan of Kelly Wearstler's work and her signature style is around every corner, every surface, every small space and every grand room.  Swanky to say the least, designed to perfection.  It is completely beautiful, artistic, relaxing and frankly a feast for all your senses.   What I  love about this property (which opened in 2008) is how cohesive yet unique it all is.  First and foremost the floors are stunning in all their marble glory.  Deep, dark shades of emerald, ebony, onyx and white in numerous graphic patterns.  Rich with gold detail in the fixtures, accessories and furniture detail, a variable feast of inspiration I say.  Pattern on pattern, large scale everything.   It's worth a stay or simply a visit to see the gorgeousness !!  Go with the girls for a spa weekend  . . you will never want to leave.

Take a look at sore of my favorite details.

I found this one picture from their site to show you the party set up of this space on the 50th floor roof top / pool area... 

The Water Spa . . 

The front lobby

All photos by Beth Keim

Stay tuned for more sights from South Florida !

and p.s. Susan Brown if you are reading this.... this place is ALL YOU !

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