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I am having a black dining room crush.  Whether it be black lacquer, a busy black peacock and floral or this black grass cloth, black is stunning.  Black is warm, cozy, striking.  With the right furniture and accessories black is sophisticated and rich.  Are you guessing I love black, it is true.

Betsy Houck, former client, now partner in work crime wanted a little more punch in her dining room.  She kept seeing all these amazing new papers roll through the office and we both decided ... black, it would pop everything, the curtains we did, the upholstered chairs and the beautiful Moroccan rug.

Phillip Jeffries is my go to for grass cloth of all kinds.  (and happy to source for you)  Take a look at the finished product.

Unique lamps, art, and rug all combined to create something special.  Mixing old leather seat chairs with off white upholstered head chairs, the look is very collected.

Gorgeous Nina Campbell windows.

You decide !

Happy Saturday.

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