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I loved Ashley Burlingame's family room.  Kelly green is one of my favorite accent colors.  We kept the look neutral with the cool grey and pops of pink and green.  A few of the accent pieces I pulled in had an Asian feel.  My Great Aunt, Netsy Scott, a fabulous designer, once said to me, "every room should have a touch of black and something Asian, and I agree totally.  When I think of Chinoiserie, I don't just think of gorgeous wall panels of flowering trees and birds, I think of graphic patterns, pagodas, and anything with a Chinese motif or technique.  Today's chic chinoiserie comes in all sorts of bright colors and patterns.  Add a touch or two to your space and it instantly looks collected and interesting.  Whether it's Mary McDonald's new fabric line with F. Schumacher, or a sofa with a turned leg, a little is all you need.  Take a look at some pieces to inspire, all for the kelly and pink lovers

 "America's Most Fabulous Decorator"

If you are a chinoiserie lover, like myself, check out Beth Connolly's blog

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