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Installed Nichole Smith's Master Bedroom the other day as well.  Nichole is one who is not afraid of color, she has a whimsical spirit and while bright and fun is generally the direction she heads, I helped her create that feel without the overall space being too young.  I wanted to give her the bright, fun look yet with some sophisticated pieces of quality that would take this master bedroom to a place of luxury with a whimsical side, like her !

I started with this paper.  It was perfect for the look I imaged her going for.  Bright and fun, but not too young.  I love the feel of a hand drawn look, but I really love the slightly odd color combination.  Coral is a color I have been really drawn to lately.  This paper also has a touch of purple - so the purple sofa she already had in the room would tie together perfectly !

The other paper we used in the room pulled the color coral out and gave it more of a presence.  We covered the back of her two built in and black secretary and staggered the shelves, but notice this graphic pattern?  I asked Keith to paint it over the grass cloth for me.  While there are some amazing painted, graphic grass cloths I have used in the past, this particular job only needed a bit of it.  Keith wanted to use his new air gun . . . that was the real reason !

This one detail really made the room for me . . LOVE it.

I started with a board for her as well.  I suggested the paper as an accent wall behind the four-poster black bed she already had.  I chose two cream bedside tables, elegant with gold accents, large, with great storage, sophisticated. Two fun, Stray Dog lamps and mis-matched, yet cohesive pillows - all keeping in mind the purple sofa she already had in the space.  This paper really did the trick on pulling the colors together, and adding a slight, colorful, bright feeling.

Thanks Nicole . . . what's next? !

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