The Allure of the Grand and the Perfect Venue

Happy New Year !

I was busy getting my hair, nails and toes done, picking up a new cocktail dress and 3" heels and climbing in a rented limo - destination Manhattan.  I checked into the Radisson for the night, along with 10 of my closest friends.  It was New Year's Eve (1987 that is).

Yep . . . that would be about right . . . when I lived in Connecticut.   I think I probably did that a time or two . . . But here in Charlotte, Keith, Kate, Lucy and I had a few steaks on the grill and some sparklers.   I made it to midnight, but barely.   It was a movie, big dog getting to know little dog (our 8 year old, 50 lb bulldog and new 8 lb dachshund puppy), laughing on the big green sofa and a little dancing.  An eventful night to be sure.  Being home with family was all the excitement I needed, but . . .venturing into the City back when was something I will always remember and I can officially say "been there - done that," when my 14 year old calls me boring.  

So, as I recall,  a big night out - dresser and coiffed - requires a venue of grandiose.  I have pulled a few images of my idea of the perfect New Years Eve venue - NYC style.  Big, shinny, opulent, over-the-top, sparkly and noisy.  This January 1st morning, loving the lack of hangover, I wonder just what went on last night at various hot spots - bet there are stories to be heard and I am sure I will hear a few.  I can live vicariously through you Mekenzie in your big high heals.

The C A P I T A L E  . . 130 Bowery, 65 foot ceilings and 40,000 square feet.  It can be booked for splashy weddings, private parties - big ones. It's the kind of place you just pause and say . . yowza when you walk in.  Built in 1893, it's grandeur is amazing !

The Gansevoort in the Meatpacking District . . a little more intimate, but still full of glitz.

How about The Waldorf Astoria . . .  glamorous for sure in a much more classic way.  Can you just hear the high heels clicking down that hallway !

The lobby of The Carlton, a favorite haunt of mine.  I hear the jazz in my head.

How about the sleek The London on 54th.  I loved the suites when I stayed there for Market.  Big rooms, gorgeous lobby, and the penthouse - I'll take that with an abundance of candles.

Or maybe a little bohemian vibe . . The Mondrain Soho.

Not your style - this space, elegant in a lighter, brighter way.  I can just picture the sun going down and the chandeliers glowing . . 

Tao, one of my favorite restaurants in the City.  Wondering why I have not run into DiCaprio running amok in there . . . I hear he frequents.

And lastly - loving this lobby at the Empire Hotel with it's floors, lighting and major drape drama.  Beautiful.

Loud or quite, glitzy or cozy . . . bring on 2014 and let it be as memorable as 2013!

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  1. Definitely wonderful venues! I love the one with some classic touch. I feel that I'm returning to old days whenever I'm in there. Great venues indeed.

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