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While I was playing around with pretty pastels, thought I'd share a new introduction from one of my fabric and wall covering vendors.  My rep introduced me to Jessica Zoob last week and I have to say, I have never seen a prettier pastel collection.  Romo has collaborated with artist Jessica Zoob and this collection is so artistic, fresh and original.  Her wall papers will fill your walls with the look of an original piece - dreamy, calm, the look of hand painted.  She calls the collection "Desire," and I'll have to agree.

A little bit about Jessica . . . from her site . . . and read more here.

. . ." My environment has always inspired me, whether rural or urban.  I love untamed nature, craggy rocks and bleak moors.  I find myself fascinated and moved by crumbling plaster walls that reveal the bones of a building and bear its human history in marks and faded paint.  Contemporary Fine Art can be found everywhere.  The interplay between man and nature often finds its way into my work.  I do not usually intend the paintings to be figurative but they are often completed and given meaning by the viewer's imagination.  I may be inspired by a storm, a mountain, or a love affair - or possibly all three."

Take a peek at the overall look of her papers and fabric . . .

Take a close look at the velvets . .  pretty dreamy !

Pillows are also available to order with us at Lucy and Company - great price point, too !

I jumped on her website to take a look at the rest of her artwork. . . gorgeous !

Fell so in love . . . I pulled this pillow as the inspiration for a new job I am working on.  I love that just one thing can drive it all !

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