Spotlight: Orr Ambrose

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Another artist I fell in love with at the Hart Witzen Show was Orr Ambrose.  These pieces I found amazing in their detail and vibrant color.  Mixed media on canvas and on a large scale, these pieces would bring any space to life.  I particularly love the color combinations and the intricacy of these pieces.

From his site:

American artist Orr Ambrose, born 1970, was raised in Greenville, South Carolina. His early art education began with drawing classes at the County Museum. From there he went on to receive private instruction and enroll at the Greenville Fine Arts Center. He earned his BFA from the University of Georgia, majoring in Painting and Ceramics. In addition, Orr spent 7 months in Cortona, Italy studying drawing and refining his painting technique. He completed a 3 year residency program at Odyssey Center in Asheville, North Carolina.
Orr Ambrose has shown in solo and group exhibitions in galleries across the eastern US, demonstrating a path of focused growth. His paintings are included in private and corporate collections and he has been commissioned to create works for private collectors. Using painting, drawing, and photography, his work addresses the emotional impact of visual art upon the viewer and the atmosphere that paintings create in a space.
Orr currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.

His portrait work and landscapes are quite beautiful as well.  Check out his other work at www.orrambrose.com

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