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Yesterday was such a great day!  We installed a space for one of my favorites, Miss Susan Brown.  Not only do I love her spirit, my 9 year old has a huge girl crush on Miss Susan.  I think it's her love for Chanel and Louis Vuitton.  Her shoe collection alone is enough to send Kate into a frenzy.  Susan's  home is transforming room by room and with each install we fall more in love.  While she once pondered moving, we have created a space now that she doesn't want to leave !  Having finished her main living room and home office we moved into the guest room to create a cozy retreat.  But at the top of the stairs you'll find this large, empty landing.  Blank walls with a great overlook down into the living room.   We both thought it could be a cozy get away space for guests or when Susan wanted a change of visual scenery.  It needed some major style though.

Where did we start?  Art in this case.   I took Susan to Hidell Brooks Gallery, here in Charlotte, and while the options made it hard to pick just one piece, we both were drawn to this original by Windy O'Connor.  The colors were perfect in that they brought the downstairs up, but added a slash of vibrant peach, red and pink.  Art must speak to you and I love taking my clients to one of my favorite galleries to find a piece that I think will work size wise, but the ultimate decision on this major room element was all hers.  I wanted her to love it so much, that she never tired of it.  This abstracted started it all.

I worked around it, adding unique pieces, that were not only comfortable and cozy but visually interesting.  I started with an accent wall of teal grass cloth to anchor the art, positioned a custom button back love seat and flanking black metal floor lamps.  On the large wall I wanted a console, but something special.  This amazing piece, made by Chris Havey for me was just what I wanted.  I continued with more "art" in the sense of a feather turquoise juju hat and wandering metal sculpture along with a tall horn based lamp and hide storage stoop.

The straggler in this install was the rug, but totally worth the wait.  A mix of wool and silk, this graphic pattern defines the space and adds a little shimmer.  Susan wanted a big "reveal," as did I so we held off on installing this room until I had all the elements.

Now when you come up the stairs you are surprised with a cozy, artistic, little piece of heaven, as oppose to just a landing !  I absolutely love how it turned out.  It is very much my style with it's eclectic pieces and pops of color and I was thrilled to reveal it to Susan who was equally as happy !

I tried to pay attention to every detail, from the faux bois design on the splashy pillows, to enveloping art, the textured paper, a little feather and fur as well as velvet on the sofa and shape of the occasional chair.

On the eve of the install, Terri at Slate Interiors graciously opened her doors for me to snag this beautiful, last minute addition, a piece by Jennifer Levine, local Charlotte artist.  It was just the perfect piece to complete the room and create a mood as you walk up the stairs.

Lucky for me, Maggie and all of her 100 lbs, balanced on the stair railing, while I was spotting her to hang it !  

photos by mekenzie france

It turned out just as I imagined it would and was the perfect ending to a great week.

With this space done, it was time to pack for my favorite weekend of the year.  I head to NYC for the ICFF show and Kips Bay Designer House.  This trip has the added bonus of the new Charles James exhibit at the Met, in Anna Wintours new Costume Center . . . I cannot wait !!!  Maggie and I will be, according to Bree, "geeking it out" with all our design chatter . . .

Stay tuned !

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