Foliage, Rattan and a New Collection.

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So Miami was 80 something degrees.  I wasn't ready for that,  but I loved it.  Just being able to have lunch outside and wander around Coral Gables in the sun, was so nice.  While I am not sure I could live in Miami, I know I love to visit . . . I love the crisp white look, the Palm trees, the architecture and overall vibe.   This month Better Homes and Gardens asked "What Color Should You Decorate With" and included this yummy image.  Great mix of colors . . . ironically enough, it combined all the colors I am planning to use on the back half of the Mateo's house.  While we are focusing in on the black and white in the exterior, entrance, living, lounge and kitchen, as you move towards the kids spaces and back den, more saturated color makes an appearance.  These colors . . . .

I love tropical foliage - palms, alocasia, bismarkla, banana leaves, and spiky cycad leaves.  Not just for the beach house or the Miami house.  Bringing in a fiddle fig tree, or tall palm fronds is something I like to do in most spaces.

photo by mekenzie france

Our Designers Guild and Osborne & Little rep came to see us recently and I fell in L O V E with these new patterns by the House of Christian LaCroix - who never disappoints !

The new collection explores a tropical paradise.  From palm leaves to butterflies, feathers to fruit.  The shades are vibrant and crisp.  Wall coverings and fabrics are printed in such detail.  Take a look.

Along with the foliage a great mix of fruits and butterflies in what looks like hand drawn detail, beautiful.

With these hot colors I tend to be drawn to mid-century furniture, a lot of white, rattan and wicker.  Maybe a peacock chair?

The Crinoline Chair from B&B Italia, designed by Patricia Urquiola was introduced in 08 and is still a favorite, a reinvented peacock for sure.

A small dose here and there is the perfect touch.

And butterflies are back in this collection !

I would want my rattan and wicker to be an interesting shape of course !

Handwoven Boline Chair $998  (here

The vibrance of these Designers Guild stripes are perfect to mix in.

So go on a rattan search and get out the spray gun if it's faded and dull.

These are a few on my on line favorites . . .

A. Franco Albini Inspired Wicker Chair $399 (here), B. Vintage Rattan Leaf Shaped Throne Chair  $225 (here),  C. Laguan Rattan Arm Chair in White $59 (here), D. Vintage Steel and Rattan Rocking Chair $599 (here), E. Danielle White & Cappucino Dot Side Table $129 (here), F. Rattan Accent Table with Server Tray $250 (here), G. Ella Rattan Arm Chair $549 (here) H. Tilde Folding Armchair, Ash Grey $229 (here) I. Marianne Chaise Longue $399 (here), J. Rattan Bottle Caddy $119 (here), K. Orinda Stool ($179) (here),  L. Louisa Rattan Coffee Table $1.099 (here), M. Tuckernuck Oval Bike Basket $44.00 (here)

And a few of my "To the Trade" favorites which I am happy to source for you (along with any of these gorgeous fabrics and papers !!!) 

Where did this new found love of Rattan come from?
I recently placed this piece at the Freeman's Bald Island place.

It got a lot of raves on Instagram . . . I did a little research and low and behold . . .
the design was inspired by Janine Abraham and Dirk Jan Rol who's collaborative work from the late 1950's / 60's are fetching $15 to $20K at auction.

Good design always comes back . . .

Happy Sunday !

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