It's Not Enough to Have Feathers . . .

Hi . . .

 . . . You must dare to fly!  (Cass van Krah) 

So yes, I am on a feather kick.  I remember exactly how it started.  My 10 year old, Kate, found the most beautiful black and white feather on one of her many outdoor adventures and sweetly left it on my desk with a note.  The intricate details and simplicity of that one single feather was so pretty, I snapped a pic and promptly made it my cell phone "home" page. Funny enough, I went to market a week later and came across these beautiful prints on watercolor paper.  Not only does the texture of the paper stand out so beautifully, these prints capture all the details of these gorgeous feathers. Beautiful standing alone, or in a large group, these prints are such a show stopped.

I used two in Jill Pleune's music room the other day, over the mantle, and I am currently framing nine more of these for our showroom.  Cannot wait to install those !

Take a look at a few of the available options.  Happy to place an order for you !!

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