What's Hot . . . Fur, Leather & Fringe


Fashion and decor go hand in hand in my opinion.  Color trends, textures and overall feel.  I love fashion, don't claim to know much, but I do find a lot of inspiration from the runway and new collections.  While helping Megan (Boem), Jill and Courtney (Sloan) with their new spaces us girls at the office fell in love with their wares as much as they did with ours . . .  My Rebecca Minkoff black fringe back pack went all over London with me and I believe Maggie has a fur vest or two and happy to say it's back this year in more than just vests.  Bree can sport a high high heal that's for sure and Betsy is always on top of the latest . . . we love those two shops.  Thought I'd pay a little homage to my favorite looks for the Fall of 2016.  What I love as much as the style are the colors.  Black, White and Caramel.  Oh that's funny, it's the look I went for in my entire home re-do, image that !!

Take a look at a few of my favorites brands both Sloan and Boem carry and what I found on their individual sites.

I love following Megan on Instagram - taken from her page, she can pull of just about anything. . .  
Jumped on the site of a few of her favorite brands - here's just a few of my favorites in keeping with the fur, leather and fringe look I am so into now . . .

How does all this translate to your interior?  In color, texture and attitude.

When looking to re-design my own space I pulled images from my Pinterest inspiration files and noticed I was really drawn to bits (and I mean bites, like one sheepskin or one pillow or one blanket) of fur, a lot of leather, clean white color palettes, and a fringe edge.
I love the mix of distressed wood, a touch of mid-century scale, size and shape.

Don't have these large, black, gorgeous casement windows and doors?  Paint your wood windows black and you'll get the same feel.  A track sofa arm, leather sofa and the mix of hand painted pillows and soft rugs and blankets.  Love the swing idea !!

Wood beams, white walls, large, black metal lighting.  A bit of old and new and a touch of brass.

I am all about the leather sofa.  With 3 dogs at home, it stays cleaner !

Unique lighting and a real Eames chair in black leather and you'll never regret it.

Bright and airy.  Of course the amazing window helps, but the light floors and white walls do the trick as well.

The black doors, another track arm sofa, and a leather Barcelona bench with fur throw, calling my name !

My all time favorite designer's who have mastered the look I love . . . Roman and Williams.  Principles Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch.

When working on my own space I pulled all these thoughts together with my own spin
Here's a sneak peek, but stay tuned, planning to shoot the entire project very soon !

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