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The wool wall hanging  - now this "micro trend" may have really started several years back, but it really was born in the 70's, and being a 70's girl I am happy  I found one that I love which is just a little different in that it's a felted as oppose to loomed.   Designed and created by Meghan Purcell, it is sure to have a presence on one of our big walls at the studio, mixed with other treasured art pieces.

Being a designer, I am all about textiles.  The more texture the better.  Tactile.  At the same time I love all things hand made, original, unique, one of a kind, just one of the reasons I don't like to shop with the big chains.  I just find I see their goods everywhere and there's nothing special about it.  I've talked about styling and accessorizing to mix in those special pieces that not only express your style, but just make you happy and this will no doubt be a piece like that !

Here's what Meghan had to say . . .  from her site (here)

Through the ancient technique of felting, I explore ideas of genuine connection in a modern and advanced society.  My art is a way to become reconnected to the value and satisfaction of the hand’s work, all while fostering meaningful connections to where I live.  The integrity of my work depends on a trusted relationship built with my local farmer.  Through this partnership, I can be assured that the methods of fiber production and sheep tending are handled humanely, sustainably, and ethically.  In return, responsible consumerism is practiced and an invaluable connection within the community is formed.  
My role as a contemporary fibers artist is to preserve a rich, handmade global art tradition while continuing to revive and elevate the fiber medium to high art.  My inspiration is born from all that is unhurried, natural, and simplistic.  Organic line juxtaposes geometric form and intentional edges, merging an ancient process with contemporary compositions often indicative of the American Western landscape.  Through formal design choices, I’ve created a direct interplay with organic material derived from Montana and compositions that are inspired by the landscape itself.  My interconnected process is depicted symbolically through woven design and intertwined natural materials.  My wool is never dyed and my found materials are never altered, allowing the natural state of my resources to tell their story. 

Gotta love a girl that keeps it simple, natural, organic and clean.  My inner self lives in the mountains of calm, beautiful and uncluttered.

Take a look at a few other pieces designed and created by Meghan and husband Jeff Purcell (available here)

 Another artist I've been following a while,  Rachelle Gardner-Roe, Kansas City girl.

 I really love how she mixes in organic elements in her felted wool pieces.

Wool wall hangings are popular.  You might remember the simple macrame type woven hangings, but what I am seeing these days are a combination of chunky yards, organic layers and color blocking in graphic patterns.  Tassels, branches, even shells are all being woven in.  I have even noticed one of my rug vendors incorporating wall hangings in their line up.  I searched Etsy and came across some of these gorgeous images . . . all under "wool wall hangings" - take a look and see if something inspires you to add to that blank wall.  Made one of a kind, it will be an original, a piece of art.

Not saying I don't love the loomed pieces !! Take a look at these beauties.


Eye candy for a snowy day at home !

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