Heading West . . .

Hey There !

Been thinking a lot about our trip to Sedona come Spring, planning side trips, galleries I want to see, natural wonders abound to, dare I say, hike.  I am realizing that over the past year or so I have been pulling Southwestern inspired pieces without really realizing it.  A stag horn here, and Aztec fabric there, leather, feathers, hair on hides.  There is nothing I enjoy more than accessorizing.  It can be the hardest part of finishing a room and we do get called upon to "fix" that situation by our clients.   When we install a project (asked or not) we load up the truck with "stuff" and filter all those pieces in to really give that space a finished look and 9 time out of 10 they stay put, happy to stay.  Styling is key and I believe it should be collected.  One of the main reasons we are changing it up at the office is to be able to house all the accessories and such I continually find out there knowing they will end up somewhere fabulous.  I still love to walk past areas in my house where I have strategically placed things I love and have discovered over the years. 

I am really looking forward to another trip and hopefully another treasure to bring home.  Typically you might think of all things red clay related - oranges, reds, pattern filled, "Mexican tile like" but when I think of the Southwest I think of adobe mudded walls, desert flowers, big windows with endless views.  Touches of pattern, touches of reds, worn fabrics in a strong graphic print.  Leather I love, especially a worn caramel color.  Take a look at my version of Southwest inspired !

On a snowy day like today, it warms me up !

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