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We caught up on photo shoots with Mekenzie last week, a few straggling pieces made their appearance so we couldn't wait to deliver and shoot these completed spaces for our clients.  First off Lindsay Edgerton.  Maggie has really delivered on a complete, whole house look, for one of our favorite clients.  With the main floor, master bedroom and kid's nurseries finished, we moved to the basement. This space will keep everyone busy and comfortable for years to come.

 Screaming for a pool table, large sectional sofa and game table, Maggie pulled colors from the upstairs for a cohesive look. Whites, greys and a big dose of navy.  With two small kids, this space is perfect for play dates with it's large sectional, wall to wall carpet and access to the back yard.  As they get older . .  send them all downstairs.  

Starting first off with the pool table, complete with much more appealing grey felt top.  Rather than your typical "pool table lighting" Maggie chose these two white pendants.. much cooler.  A simple floating ledge, perfect to place that beer while you're playing and a few graphic hand painted stripes to give that wall a little something - something.

Spin around and you have the main sitting area.  Continuing the grey walls, but with a big dose of navy in the game table area.  Yes, you can add a rug over carpet.  Not only does it give your "fifth" wall some interest, it defines another zone.   All the pieces she chose for this job are super kid friendly.  The chair is stylish yet a "pleather" for easy clean up.  Coffee table with a wood top for feet resting or messy snacks.

This accent fabric really started the whole design and pulled in all the details.  Chosen as oppose to the wood blinds, much more interesting !!

While Maggie an I were at the last High Point Market we came across these loose pieces of art and knew there were perfect for this space.  Framed simply in white frames with large mats.

Back behind the sectional, a little space for game playing or snacking.

Well into this project Maggie suggested a few extra pieces to really "finish off" the entire space.  Two flanking bookcases made of metal and wood to warm up the space and simply styled.  I love these "bins."  Ikea, believe it or not - I have loaded up on them myself to stash those not so pretty things around the house.

Lastly, a little powder room off these space.  Simply adding a more interesting mirror and small rug and voila... all pulled together !

photos by mekenzie loli

Gorgeous job Maggie and many thanks to those Edgerton's who roll with all the design choices with ease and confidence !

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  1. I know the Edgertons must love their new space, it is both gorgeous and eminently functional. Great job Maggie :-)

    The house we are building has a basement we intend to finish the spring following closing (which seems far enough away as it is), and now I will be living with "beautiful basement envy" for that much longer!