Install of the Day ! Dramatic Details Define This Dining Room

Happy Day !

Had a little time this am to added Mekenzie's images of the Noland job.  Maggie did such a great job pulling this together quickly (3 weeks before Thanksgiving) and installing just in time for the turkey and the company.  New build, the front dining room needed most everything.  Right by the front door it now sets the tone for this young couple's new home.

The vaulted ceiling, while visually a statement on it's own, needed something dramatic in the way of lighting to fill the "void" so to speak.  Maggie and I love these two chandeliers.. such a wow factor. 

Take a look at the finished product !

The rug and bench started it all with their combination of blues, greys and charcoals.  I love the somewhat busy pattern up against the tall white wainscoting.  The tall charcoal upholstered chair also bounce from the white for a strong presence.

Maggie also finished the space of by completely accessorizing... which can be the difficult part.  This is where a designer can really help you from running around town, and spending hours on the Internet.  We love to install in one day with all the details !

Simple white milk glass and brass vases, accent salad plates for a little color.

Gorgeous custom bench in a graphic charcoal and pale blue.

A little Asian inspired sideboard.  The juxtaposition of the sleek chrome shelving and this distressed piece adds another layer of interest and warmth.

And voila... done.

Keith created a simple, abstract piece for the large vault wall.  Simple gold leaf circles intertwined with blues.

photos by mekenzie loli

From the original design we decided to take out the lower grey chairs as those charcoal ones where so pretty and added such a statement.

What's next for the Noland's? The family room.  Their rug started the entire plan (and gave us inspiration for the dining room)  Stay tuned !!

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  1. Can I ask where you got that gorgeous carpet in dining room. I am assuming Stark but I am salivating over it! Gorgeous room!!