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This isn't your typical dining room, we didn't want it to be.  This townhouse and this project is the latest installment for one of my favorites, Susan Brown.  Staring in her great room, moving to her home office and upstairs lounge, Susan and I have become good friends over the past few years and with each new space it become more pulled together and (I hope she agrees) beautiful.

Like most townhouses, this space shoots from front to back without side windows.  From the very beginning the goal was to lighten things up, and working with a woman of such great fashion sense, my goal was to incorporate nothing but interesting pieces.  This space is just to the right of the front door with a hallway to the main living space coming into it.  Rather than your typical "dining room," we opted for an off center dining table and "L" shaped banquette.  By placing the furniture, lighting and rug off to the left, you create a clear walking space to down the hall and down to the rest of the shotgun space.

Take a look at the plan I had in mind.

Having designed the living area previous, I pulled the colors to created a unified look.  I also wanted it impactful.  This Phillip Jeffries printed grasscloth did the trick.  Our big splurge and totally worth it!  I used it on two walls and placed the furniture on those two walls to anchor it all.

A corner custom banquette with 58" round table off centered, floating chairs and side small side bar cart.  We then moved over the lighting and added a floor lamp on one side.  I am in love.

Take a look at a few of the details !

While at Susan's, Mekenzie and I decided to re-shoot the upstairs landing (the light was so much better that day !)  I finished this funky spot not too long ago and it's our little splash of color in a primarily tone on tone home.  When you have such a large landing, why not make it a cozy retreat !

Again we wanted to find unique pieces.  A custom sofa rests under a gorgeous piece by Windy O'Conner.  A little juju and metal on the side walls.  We added more art on the large stairwell wall - this piece by another favorite Jennifer Levine

Cozy is the name of the game up there.

all photos by Mekenzie Loli

Always a pleasure Ms. Susan Brown.  What's up next - a equally fab master bedroom!  Stay tuned.

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