Spotlight: Artist - Ingrid Bowen

Morning . . .

Up early today and came across an artist whose work I love.  Thought I share.  Meet Ingrid Bowen, Sydney based artist.  The intricate details and color combination really spoke to me.  I could see an entire wall filled with a combination of these pieces.  How soothing and peaceful.  On a day like today, in steamy hot Miami, I am looking forward, even more to colder weather, maybe that why these really spoke to me !

What I love is she writes "she took up painting in 2014 after retraining in art and design on the back of her career in travel"  A career in travel, that's a goal and then recalling all the beauty out there in these beautiful pieces.  

Take a look.

From her site . . . (here)

'I’m a Sydney based artist drawing inspiration from my travels and wonder for the Australian landscape. I enjoy interpreting the endless colour, form and feel of our land. Patterns in nature and agriculture, and clusters of farm animals often feature in my work. I aim to present a sentiment or impression, and am always happy when viewers’ interpretations vary. I’m hoping to make art that engages and delights, and evokes some of the nostalgia and contemplation that is invested in the making.'

Beautiful . . .

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