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We had several last minute installs just prior to Christmas break, but have to say this one was really fun because it was used immediately, within minutes !  My clients - awesome couple who I have worked with over the years room by room,  wanted a "bar," a real bar in a space off the kitchen and living room.  A little room to unwind and hang together at the end of the day.  A fun space, something different.

Our deadline was this past weekend for their daughter's 1 year birthday party, just a small crowd of 60 family and friends.  We were all on deck installing cabinets, counter tops, brass and glass shelving, styling and adding all the details literally as the door bell was ringing.   Cutting it this close, not my favorite thing, but this time of year, it gets a little hectic !  Luckily this family is so fun to work with they didn't mind and it really turned into a fun experience up to the very end.  Feeding me homemade baklava while I poured the last decanter of Bourbon and styled up the bar top.

Now I adore this space for so many reasons and both Maggie and I are jealous wanting it for our own.  It's awesome.  

Wide open to the living room the colors really needed to flow well and they do, but it's definitely a space of it's own.  When we designed and installed the living room, foyer and kitchen this space was painted dark grey in anticipation of something cool.  We just went back and forth a bit on just what that would be.

Enter the bar . . . I had two cabinets made, one along the entire wall in a dark grey lacquer with gold details and a second in a lighter grey with horizontal gold banding trim detail.  Both holding a black marble like - granite.  Now I'm not a fan of granite at all, but this was a gorgeous slab I found at the Walker Zanger Showroom.

Two tufted velvet chairs and a brass and glass nesting table set.

Hide rug. . . cleans up well being a natural fiber

Brass and Glass shelving.

And gorgeous bar stools.

Mixed up the glassware and bottles with a little art for texture.

And two beautiful Made Good's mirrors.

Voila !

photos by Mekenzie Loli

We are all so thrilled with this space !  Perfect for a little New Year's bubbly.

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