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Yep - We're hiring .  We need a new member of our daily team.   Maggie and I are exhausted !  Let me give you the low down of just what we are looking for in a new Design Assistant I am going to be completely honest in everything we need !!  We want a team player full of enthusiasm, skill and personality !! 

# 1 Energy.   We are an extremely busy interior design firm with multiple clients and projects happening at the same time.  The ability to multi task efficiently and productively is a must.  No prima-donna's at Lucy and Company.  We all get dirty from time to time and we all run errands.  We haul furniture, we pull samples, we hang art, we update files, we organize fabrics and accessories, we take out the garbage, we break down boxes, we work late, we work on the weekends if we have to !!!  I am a self proclaimed OC, neat freak who wants- at any given moment - to be able to put my hands on something so organization is huge, huge, huge !

# 2 High Taste Level.  We would call upon you to pull and shop for last minute accessories for big installs.  I will send you out to find filler pieces for photo shoots and the finishing touches for a complete space and will need to trust your style choices.

# 3 Organizational and Computer Skills.  We are Apple people - spreadsheet skills are must.  You job will also involve detail oriented work on invoicing and work orders.  You will be asked to shadow our client meetings and note all measurements, wants and specifics and order all samples as well as type up initial quotes accurately.  Mistakes are costly and while I'll give you those occasional one, after that, if the sofa you measured doesn't fit through the door  - you own it.

# 4 Interior Design Knowledge.  With our current and upcoming project demands we don't have time to go over the basics.  Please don't come to us not knowing, for example, what COM means, it's happened to me in the past and I don't want to make that mistake in my choice again!

# 5 Professionalism.   Often you will be representing myself or Maggie.  We expect you to reflect us well !

Here's what I would like.  To look over resumes during the Christmas break.  Along with your resume I would like to see just how good you are !  I would like to see your style and taste as well as your ability to create a well thought out and beautiful design inspiration board !  Below is a fictitious client and their wants, needs and thoughts.  Please pull together a three room look for us to review and then "sell" it to Maggie and myself as if we were your client.

We cannot wait to find the next member of the team and excited to see what you can do !

With us in the middle of a big move from East Boulevard to our new loft at Atherton Mill.  I would suggest you email your resumes to me - beth@lucyandcompany.com and get to work on those design boards.  We plan to pick two days in early January to meet with all those we think are a good fit resume and correspondence wise with design boards in hand please on those interview days.

Thanks !!!

Beth and Maggie

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