Neutral Meet Neutral

Hi !

In any monochromatic color scheme I feel it's important to mix in a ton of texture whether it be fabrics, rugs, accessories or art.  The goal is to have a multi-layer feel, warm and tactile.  With an upcoming project I pulled many of my favorites.

How gorgeous are these !

I have the pleasure of working with Elizabeth White, one of Charlotte's Twine & Twig owners.  Her place (by architect Ruard Veltman) is one of the best examples of this look !  She has such great taste and while working on the girl's rooms (stay tuned!) just wandering around her fabulous home was inspirational !

Another Veltman beauty - clean and white with textured ceiling and walls... 

Pretty kitchen as well !

above photos by Dustin Peck

Neutral on Neutral works when you incorporate many different textures !  I pulled a lot of my favorites from my Pinterest files (here).  The key - wood in every one. 

Happy eye-candy day !

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