"The pictures are awesome. We have been admiring them! I already forwarded your blog to some friends and the feedback has been fantastic. Everyone said the room looks like “me” so you obviously did an amazing job designing a room that reflects my family and me. I honestly am in awe of your ability to design! I can’t get over the pics of the kids….we love looking at them during dinner."

- Heather Mansson, Charlotte, N.C.


A Dining Room to Live in !!

Hi all…

Had the funnest clients, Heather and Robbie Mansson,  come to me wanting help with their dining room.  Cutest couple with stair step babies.  I love this family and was thrilled to help come up with a concept for their dining that turned it from bland to comfortable, eclectic, and a room to do more than just have a meal.  My goal was to bring the colors of their bungalow into the room with a good mix of vintage, new, colorful, full of different textures, patterns and finishes.  With three kids I was trying to keep it casual, not stuffy and mix all the family pictures and pieces that were special to them.  Check out the before…

My plan was to actually flip the colors and add depth to them.. The blue was brought down to the walls in a deeper hue with the taupe on the ceiling.  These colors were already in the room on the chair seats, which we didn’t want to change, but weren’t really popping.  Another problem was all that great vintage furniture was getting lost in the wall color.  I choose a deep blue, Ben Moore #711 and used the same color 3 shades darker and in a high gloss.  We then added upholstered chairs in 2 different fabrics for fun and interest.  We added amazing lamps and a soft neutral rug, but with a great pattern. My favorite thing of all has to be the windows.  We took the cornices to the ceiling and added soft fabric romans.  Take a look at the finished product . .

Heather also brought a a collection of family photos to incorporate in the room.  With a little photo shop help and some new frames I created this grouping on the wall mixed with a mirror or two and a little fabric.  Remember to mix your metals, and mix your frame styles.  It all adds to a more interesting wall.

A happy mistake was this “over-exposed” picture I was playing with.  It almost looks like a wonderful pen and ink!

Take a closer look at the details…

When thinking about this room, I drew inspiration for this photo I have had on my big wall in my office for some time.  I love the color first of all but equally love the way it showcases the wood tones in the sideboard, as was the case in this dining room.  Don’t be afraid of strong colors, when mixed with equally saturated colors around the room.

photo thanks to www.cocoandkelley.com

Many thanks to wonderful clients, who enabled me to see my vision through !!

Also finished the final details with another great client, Jodie Pannell.  She came to me with an idea for a wall treatment in her tall living room.. A little nervous about it, but with some nudging on my side and the more than capable abilities of my husband and his paint crew, we re-created from a photo this “shadow tree” wall which extends to the second floor.  Being tone on tone, it wasn’t too crazy, but look at the drama!

Adding a couple of pillows …I can always think of something to add. .

Also finished her powder room off with is beautiful new paper.  Turquoise being her color of choice, and tired of the dark chocolate stripes, we freshened up, changed her sink and lights and found this special mirror.  Powder Rooms are rooms to have fun with, and room everyone can see so they should be special.

Before  …

Thanks too to Miss Jodie, and her stylish self!

- Beth


Installs of the Week !

Hi all.. had a busy week installing … a dining room (stay tuned) a mom office,  and this fun girl’s room.  My client, which I must stay has the most beautiful home in Charlotte, has two little girls, one of which was ready to pack up the crib.

See the before:

 In starting this project we had a large navy shag rug as our starting point.  Now I love pink and navy and I couldn’t wait to use that combination.  Being 3 she had one request. .  ”hearts”  Lucky for her mom and I we found this great Designer’s Guild fabric for the bed pillows with both and thus began the layering.  Neutral walls, bright pillows and a cornice fabric for the window.  Originally the room hard large, white, full length curtains… we reused the fabric for the romans.

I love the large dressers which will give lots of storage and grow up with her and call attention to the bump out in the wall, a perfect place for a pair.

The cute side table with the zig zag pattern was actually another piece we saved from the original nursery.  Sprayed it white and actually called a local sign shop, and, using a template Keith created, cut a out the vinyl transfer.  Rather than painting the slick surface and risking any bleed, it did the trick.

Another great custom chair made by Shawna Robinson … www.shawnarobinson.com

After painting grey, and picking such sophisticated patterns and furniture, my client was a bit worried it would look too grown up, but I assured her adding the right accessories and pops of color would give it youth…

One last trick and in an effort to incorporate my 3 year old’s request for Hearts… I painted this canvas.  The front is the amazing graphic wall paper, but the back . .  is all hand painted, youth. .  full of the hearts she loved.. its a great idea. . you can just flip it around using “D” rings on the top of the canvas.  So as the heart love fades a more grown up look appears.  So tip of the day, for a room with staying power, use well made furniture which will stand the test of time and accessories that can easily be changed out.. .

We also installed a great little office for mom and daughter to hang out in to escape the dad and brothers who have taken over the huge basement and turned it into a man cave.  They wanted it fun, bright, functional and pretty.  Take a look at the before . .

and After !!!

Take a closer look … there is a cabinet on the wall covered in the same wall paper, it houses all their wrapping paper and ribbon on dowels.  The other wall cabinets were randomly placed for more interest … good ‘ole Ikea . .  with photos mixed in.  A desk, comfortable chair and custom ottoman.  That one pop of bright color is all it take sometimes, rather than filling the entire room … makes more of an impact.  Our starting point was the wall paper… a new line from Harlequin.  We originally loved the pink and green color way, but after she fell in love with the chair fabric, we toned it down with the more neutral version.

The overall room, clean and bright.  I think mom may lose this one to daughter.

Happy Weekend !

-  Beth

and p.s. stay tuned for that dining room . . here’s a sneak preview from our original meeting..

Did she choose …

Room #1

or Room #2



Hi all..

Fabric I love . .  Quadrille . . take a look at the amazing patterns.  All available from www.lucyandcompany.com

Photo and design work by Beth at www.lucyandcompany.com


New finds at the Atlanta Market . .

Hi All . . .

We just got back from a GREAT trip to the Atlanta Market.  Jena, Lindsey and I just want to share some of the goodies we found, people we saw and places we stopped by.

If you go to Atlanta… the W Downtown is a must !! Great Roof Top Pool and just overall stylish and very on their game !!

Pictures compliments of me… but the following compliments of www.watlantadowntown.com

We were on a mission to find new rug ideas, patterns and colors.. take a look

Lighting too.. I am a hugh sucker for a beautiful fixture !

Found some amazing new pillows.. and the right pillow does make the room !

Jena fell in love with this piece … as did I, you ?

Check out the lucite on the back of this chair !!

I am a graphic girl… are you not loving the inset hide !

Jena and Lindsey…

Dyed hide checkerboard rug and loving the chrome coffee table …

as well as this chrome and leather loveseat …

Shell love …  look at these beautiful sconces …

Ann Gish showed off her latest design.. so beautiful with the hand painted gold and check out the “quilted” top stool . . cool … it makes you just want to touch it to see what it is!


More amazing pillows

My future front door fall wreath, had to have it.

Don’t forget to go by the Fox Theater while in Atlanta …. it’s across the street from another great hotel we’ve stayed in the past trips down.


Two more amazing rug designs, love the texture and the zig zag can be custom colored.

A little rustic chic … metal and wood, great for a big den or playroom, game table with heavy metal base and stools.  Scorpion … maybe not, but sure did look amazing on the outside of a new by restaurant !

My new desk chair… don’t you love with color, nail heads and great white legs . . comes is a large range of colors and the fabric is a soft woven felt.

And of course the Varsity.. we hit it on the way out every time for a cheap burger and great fries !! My favorite.

Day Two we had to stop by and see our most favorite vendors of all -  Jane and Billy of Stray Dog Imports…www.straydogimports.com

We were loving their new colors, styles and custom furniture.  All available through www.lucyandcompany.com

We were treated to the most fun dinner at a must Six Feet Under …


And last BUTT not least.. i couldn’t resist.. the funniest art find of all … .

Great trip with lots of new items, fun stories, sights and things to bring back home !

 - Beth