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2011 Designer House for March of Dimes. .

Hi All …

We at Lucy and Company are excited to be included in the line up of Designers who will be showing at this year’s March of Dimes Designer House.  Located in the Eastover neighborhood here in Charlotte, the 10,000 square foot Georgian Home will be open to the public the weekend of October 7th through 9th as well as the following weekend 14th and 15th


All ticket proceeds to benefit The March of Dimes, it’s a great cause and is sure to show great works by some of Charlottes most creative . . so save the date !!!

Come take a look, and see what we did and the works of the other great designers. .

- Beth


Bring Dad Home from the Office . . Install of the Week !

Hi All . .

A few years ago I was at the shop and in walked a face that immediately launch me back to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the age of 10.  I was at Rockbrook Camp in a cabin with a tall, skinny, blonde 10 year old girl named Rhonda.  A girl I spent numerous summers with growing up, being silly, talking about boys and playing in the woods and on the rivers . .  and here we both were standing . .  in our 40’s! We laughed and almost broke into a camp song much to the embarrassment of my entire staff !

She lives in Charlotte now with her husband and three kids, the ages we were when we met.  I was happy to start helping her with her beautiful home.  We starting in the guest room, tweaked the den, kitchen and living room.

My biggest project is now the upstairs corner of the house, once an art studio by a previous owner, now a great storage space for files, photos and odd furniture pieces, but that’s just what it was … storage . . too great a space to not use.  Her goal, to create a home office for her husband Tom so the late nights and weekends could now be spent closer to the family.  My goal to have it speak to the colors used in the entire house, have it be a little edgier and less traditional as well as comfortable and manly without it being too “leather and wood-filled.”

Take a look at my inspiration board:

Where to start …

The floors . .  we lost the vinyl and chose to go hardwoods, topped with a beautiful gray graphic carpet, turned area rug.  The stain color ties with the rest of the house and creates a warm backdrop to the cool grey tones.

The cabinets . .  we had an existing base cabinet which was the length of the entire left wall - but it housed some duct work that had to be moved. Demo came in, followed by my carpenter.  We designed cabinets to tap into the clipped ceiling and were painted 2 shades darker than the walls to create visual space and not darken the room with a lot of “expected” wood.  We also added a new desk which was stained but in a two tone fashion.  I found my inspiration from this random piece of furniture.  I loved the two color stain effect and wanted to bring that to the drawers of this piece.  It hugs the wall for a large work area, yet turns into the room to break up the “galley” look.

Take a look at the built in’s in production !!!! Looking good …

The fun stuff … comfortable chairs, an ottoman, new lighting and accessories, and a window seat cushion with curved roman shade to soften all the angles.

Great fun !

- Beth


A Special Saving for the Fall !

We love our clients and as a welcome to the cooler weather, we are offering a cool savings … Head over to our Facebook page and tell all your friends …

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- Beth


Showtime Comes to Charlotte !!

That’s right !  Filming took place last week at a long time client’s home in Dilworth.  A client I love who trusted me to help her with her entire home … funny part.. not sure what they kept and didn’t keep . .  those pesky “stagers !”  Only time will tell.  But I will be watching Homeland on Showtime to catch a glimpse of one of my rooms (and see what they did to it !!)

Was it the living room?

Was it the porch?

Was it the Dining Room?

Or was it Danny’s room ?

Maybe Jack’s Room?

Or Kate’s Room?

So exciting !!!

- Beth