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Hi All . . . 

Now, bring on the holiday parties !  Last few touches were added to this dining room to finish it off.  We added the wall paper panels and a new chandelier !  Pretty . . 

- Beth


Mail Call . . .

Try something different this year in the way of Christmas Cards .  . . found these great images / ideas for a simple photo card, take a look, and pull our the props !

Ours this year . . . 

They have a great selection !  Check it out.

- Beth


Quote of the Day . . .


Daily Eye Candy . . .

Howdy All...

The Sunday after Thanksgiving . . . on the sofa, looking at the beach (at the in-laws) having sent the kids off to find shells . . pondering a shell something -  something for my holiday decor this year . .  it's about time to clear out and get home and back to work !  Busiest time of year, trying to get everyone's wants done before the company comes . . .

It's chilly and sunny.  Nice to have a few days off and not be the one "entertaining,"  and not be the one "on."  That's when you can really take a break and just relax and enjoy the time, the break, the food, the family.  

Being at the beach surrounded by the colors of sand and sea,  it has me pondering a few color combinations, see what's out there and maybe get inspired for a few jobs I have coming down the 1/2 pike . . .

Let me count how many things I love about this piece, the color, the texture, the shape, the detail.  It gives me a direction for that chair I found at the flea.   You can certainly design a whole room around a piece like this !

In this month's Lonny  -  I came across plenty of eye candy . . . and being that I am thinking peach and grey, beach and sand, clean colors, thought I would share  a few inspirational pics to get me thinking along those lines . . . 

Loving this room and everything about it, the pale pinkish, peach grasscloth walls, the black accent furniture, the great detail on the side tables, the nail head and trim on the side chairs.  Love it.

This is a perfect example of "collecting."  Finding those unique pieces that make a room.  Giving your eye some visual interest, not shopping all in one place.  Nothing drives me more crazy.  I enjoy the hunt.

Those unique "finds," this table for example are what truly completes a room.

One of my favorite vendors has so many interesting pieces in keeping with what I am thinking, take a look (and of course, let me know if you have to have it !!! I can get it)

Loving this chair as well, has that organic seaside look, but covered in a clean simple fabric with a great pillow.  It's all a seaside room would need to get the feel.  So hit the unique boutiques, flea markets and call your designer for help with something out of the ordinary.

We can show you the things we have found in our travels to create a on-of-a-kind room, and that's what we all want . . . right ?!

All these things are "beach" inspired in color and texture, without being too literal . . .

and how about some pretty new grass cloth for the walls or inside of a piece of furniture.

The Glamorous beach . . . look, needless to say . .  loving this month's Lonny, so in the spirit of grey and peach . . .

found this . . . loving the clean - neutral.  The tone on tone is perfect, with that little hint of peach.

loving the art, loving the tufting

and sign me up for this CHANEL bag . . .

(don't forget about Bag Borrow or Steal !!!! It can be yours for a week, a month, or forever)

Inspiration . . . can be translated in so many ways . . . and a mirror can be your big splurge, your focal point in any room . . 

With the shells that are now lined up on the coffee table . . .  take a look at these 
amazing . . . . amazing mirrors !

All of this has not only inspired a room design I am working on, but my own holiday decor. . 

Stay Tuned !

Now pack the car and hit the road on home . . 

- Beth


Happy Long Weekend !

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend to just chill and be together !

Let the fun now begin with the holiday season to come !!

- Beth, Keith, Lucy, Kate . . and Hooper


A Feast. . . for the Thanksgiving . . . Eyes !

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and all things pumpkin and spice . .  I thought I would  share a few images in keeping with the colors that come to my mind on this day . . 

The warm tones . . . turmeric, ginger, crimson, pumpkin, gold, eggplant, aubergine, carmel, cacao . . . 
mixed with 
The cool tones . . . .  peacock blue, cream, white, grey, silver
to me . . . that's a combination that always compliments.

a lucy and company dining room

a lucy and company dining room 

a favorite lucy and company dining room  . . .

I have always loved the combination of oranges, copper and peacock blues . . .

When it comes to holiday table setting decor . . . I love to keep it clean and simple and let the food do ALL the talking!  

This clean and simple centerpiece can be mixed with a simple burlap table cloth to show off the pretty colors of the food, the room and the china . . .

Have a wonderful day with family!

- Beth