Deep in the Woods . . .

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Lucy and I have been obsessed with "Once Upon a Time" on ABC Sunday.  We look forward to it all week and don't miss an episode.  I got sucked in by the simple fact it reminds me a lot of LOST which I was  even more obsessed with (same writers) and miss it oh so much.  The exploration of the intriguing paradox of living between two different realities . .  sound familiar? 

Anyway . . . at the moment it's all about Snow White and her (amnesia effected) Prince.  Their scenes are  dream-like, woodsy, dewy (much like my wedding day at our mountain house) .  I think of twisted branches, moss,  green velvet drapes . . . yep, all that is inspiration for me.  Let's take Snow inside and see how we can get the "feel" of deep in the woods !

Lucy and Company works with a ton of amazing vendors, all with unique pieces and interesting finds.  When designing a space I aim to find just the right "show stopping" piece that catches your eye each time to enter the space .  . Take a look at this custom iron chandelier (available in 10 different finishes and three sizes) or this amazing "root" based iron table with stone top !
I love a good natural twig chandelier, this round "bramble mess" is gorgeous.

Another twiggy mess of wonderful . . (comes in any color too !)  Our showroom has an all-white one in the front window . . always a show stopper.

And woodsy romantic wouldn't be complete without these one-of-a kind pillows.  The collection celebrates nature with exotic surface design on luxurious fabrics.  Real objects (like feathers, stems, leaves) are pressed into the fabric by hand, each done one at a time and made to order.  No two are a like and each are hand dyed and sewn.  Truly a piece of art.

These delicate mirrors and chandelier remind me of the Queen Anne's Lace you find in the North Carolina mountains.

How about a few accessories, horn bowls and frames.

Rug anyone . . . 

 A Wrought Iron Tree Base via 1st Dibs $2,250

I love a little twig accent table or a "moss" covered pouf !

But nothing is more mountain romantic than this bed.  It so reminds me of a bedroom I saw in Lonny a while back . . .

And here it is . . . so gorgeous.  Caroline Roberts, (the designer) did it right.. just a touch of the outdoors.  Anything more would have completely taken away from the beauty and show stopper of the bed.  The bedding is perfect, light and simple, as is the wall color.  Great job !

 Caroline Roberts New Orleans Home featured in Lonny

Another great fixture hand made completely of roots and branches !
All these items are available at www.lucyandcompany.com

Veranda captures my color thoughts perfectly

Design by Kay Douglass, Photography by Mali Azima

Love these mirrors . . . I have them in my Dining Room - grouped of course !
And how about a great accent piece center stage on a Foyer table.
On my last trip to Market I spotted "Moss Field" at Natural Curiosities.  These pieces are 40 x 82 and each "field" features real Sphagnum, Spanish and Mood moss, embedded on a wooden palette, encased in glass.  Love it.

This table is truly one of my favorites (available at Lucy and Company)  Talk about show stopper !!!!

Elle Decor featured one such table in one of their latest issues.

So next time you are taking a walk in the woods, look around and bring those thoughts home with you.

That's my Lucy at 3 (on our wedding day) so you can see why this post has sentimental value to me, woodsy, mossy, twiggy and ironically Lucy's favorite thing at that point in time WAS Snow White.  We even danced to Barbara Streisand's rendition of "Someday My Prince Will Come" (ok before you laugh - listen to it, it's pretty) Lucy was twirling and there wasn't a dry eye !

Have a great week !
- Beth

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