Welcome Home to A New Look !

Hey !

Ok.  I usually wait until an install is completely finish before I photograph it and post it . . BUT I am too excited about the quick fix - overhaul I did this past weekend while my friend Amy Boardman and the family was fun-ing it up in Florida . . 

With the run of the house I went in with my painters and wall paper installer and took over . .  it was so fun to watch the transformation take place, knowing how excited Amy would be when she came home to a new look, clean and put together after a long trip . .

She has great taste, her home is also very cool.  At the end of a cul-de-sac near a park.  New construction - so mixed among all the 1920's bungalows with small rooms and low ceilings, this house has high ceilings and a larger, open floor plan.  The only down side is the "new construction" paint job you sometime get. . . not so great.  A good paint, we use Ben Moore exclusively, applied well, will transform your place.  So we painted all her big tall doors black - all 22 of them !  We also repainted all the walls in the main living spaces.

We used a pretty blue-green, pulled from her den rug as our jumping off platform. 

She has this beautiful piece of art, visible from the front entry and great accent pieces.  Did a little rearranging there  . .  

But my biggest transformation was the front room by the door.  This room housed a sofa, chair, ottoman and piano . . . and bad overhead.  We decided to make this room a "music / lounge space for Amy."  Being right by the front door, I wanted to give it a little drama !

Take a look at my inspiration board . . .

And take a look thus far !  Room cleared out, new paper, new chandelier, new black doors, piano back in.  Now just waiting for those pair of new blue chairs, rug and hide to finish it off !

Now if big, bold wall paper scares you, it shouldn't . . but this might - if you are paper - shy. . 

Powder Rooms are THE place to go nuts . .  and take a look at how fun !

See what your designer can accomplish when you leave town, stock your fridge with Diet Cokes and  give them the trustful green light !!

- Beth

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