Highlights from Lonny March/April 2012

Hi There . . .

What was nice about this past weekend beside the fact it was a "long" one, was the sunny, warmer weather and the image through the window of Keith jump starting our garden, pulling weeds, cutting grass and bringing out the outdoor cushions.  It was quite . . a lot of people still on spring break with the kids.  We cooked on the grill, took a nap, watched a movie - all while I caught up on my favorite reads . . one of which is Lonny.  The March / April issue is out.

It's always good, doesn't disappoint . . . here are a few of my favorite images . . 

Amanda Nisbet's Upper East Side design office.  Nisbet's style has been described as warm, elegant and bright.  Love this look - maybe time to tweak my office !  Especially love the Adler screen - described as whimsical in structure, neutral in tone - that it is.

Love the lucite desk.

I laughed when I saw the Barbie Art (a collection of David Parise's Barbie and Ken photographs)
Only laughed . . . because I have a few of these myself and check out what's appeared in my office . . 

. . . because I am a freak, and in my other life I did dress like this on a regular basis.

There was a great piece on "Global Giving" featuring the efforts of Serena & Lily, Tory Burch, Proud Mary, West Elm, and more . . .  to help reduce economic dependence and showcase the talents of artisans and craftspeople.

Tobi Tobin's Malibu Beach retreat.

And .  . Sunset Boulevard shop . . 

A beautiful look inside the Upper East Side apartment of Laura and Diego Gracia.

And my favorite . . . a mid-century gem . .  in the L.A. neighborhood of Rustic Canyon.

There are so many things about this home I love . . . where to start !  But FYI, if you are loving those Pouf's as much as me, I can get them for you . . . any color !  Call me.

There's an article on creating a Cosmopolitan Home and how to get the look . . 

And lastly . . . the West Village apartment of Anna Burke, a designer at Kemble Interiors (that would be Celerie Kemble) - budget friendly and beautiful - a place that I am sure her boss would be proud of !

So find some time . .  it's a great issue !

- Beth

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