Design Crush . . . Nama Rococo

Hi . . .

Love wallpaper?  I do - can't get enough of it.  I cover accent walls, cover canvas, cover ceilings, cover entire rooms . . . I have been following the designs of artist Karen Combs of Nama Rococo for a while - with French Dot being my all time favorite.  She has introduced a new pattern . . . but let me catch you up on what turned me on in the first place. . .

So organic and free flowing, they call their look "Bohemian Minimalism"  and they say their  images are inspired by "60's soul and pop music posters, French romantic, and Chinese scroll.  Created and produced in her Hudson Valley studio . . not Europe,  not Manhattan, not the West Coast - shows good design is truly everywhere !!  

Love her whimsical dots, squiggles and pops of sophisticated color - all hand painted and hand printed.
Not ready for a room full . . . try a large framed piece !

Enjoy  . . .

Their new introduction . . . "Amsterdam" 

"Inspired by the rooflines  of Dutch 18th Century canal houses and the songs of David Bowie.  Brave, bold and free.   Robust with the delicate."  Available in 5 colors . . .

 . . .  and "Shuboes."

Pretty Fab !

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