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Spotlight:  Christopher Marley

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Another favorite moment of mine in Atlanta was seeing Christopher Marley.  I love his work and have see it in past shows in New York.  This time I took my time and really looked and talked to Christopher.  His work is amazing.  I love that his signature line is only available for a limited time, in limited numbers with a few being one timers.

For collectors . . . insects in particular . . . a must have.  For the rest of us,  I loved the color and pattern.  The uniqueness of his work is what I really appreciated.  I found his art amazing - after reading a bit more about Christopher, I have a new appreciation . . .

An avid naturalist, he admits when he was young he was not a fan of bugs - he could not find the beauty in them . . .  But with age come wisdom and it's this quote, from Christopher himself,  that caused me to pause and take a closer look at his work and find total agreement and appreciation . .  ( to read more from Christopher visit here)

“Once I looked at them from the perspective of a designer, I was immediately affected by how clearly and precisely they fit my own artistic standards of purpose and sleek utilization. . . their latent elegance and lustrous beauty . . . ”

With the exception of this picture I took of Nature's Perfection, oops, I mean Christopher himself -  I went to his site to capture some of the images of what I saw in Atlanta, as my pictures didn't come close to doing his work of art justice . . . take a look. 

I find the patterns beautiful and the colors amazing.  Group together or standing alone - calling attention, any of these pieces would be amazing to have.

I took these two shot below . . . These were two of my favorites . . .

He  is working on his second book, but this one is available now (available here) and a great addition to the coffee table line up.  I can't wait to get one for myself . .  I must get it autographed at the next show!

"Each specimen has a story behind it.

I travel the world in search of natural artifacts that meet certain criteria.

The element must be harvested, collected, bred, mined, grown or otherwise acquired in a responsible, ethical and sustainable manner."

On your next trip to Oregon . . 
visit Christopher at

The Pheromone Gallery
255 Liberty Street NE
Salem, OR  97301

or contact us at www.lucyandcompany.com

Thanks for the time Christopher, enjoyed it - and you have an amazing photographer !

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