Still Loving Lavender !

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Orange and lavender . . . a color combination I have always loved.  I came across a few new inspirations combining the two that I thought I'd share in the hopes you will ponder the combination too..  I still love the lavender grass cloth in my family room with the pop of orange in the accessories - but always looking to pump it up and add to . . . I found these images to add to my thought process !

Art by artist Neo Nakazawa - kind of love it . . .

Becca Altwood, fellow blogger of "extraordinarywonders.com" is a lover of the combination as well and she pulled the perfect swatches of the perfect color to mix in.

While digging into my pinterest boards I came across past finds showing just how beautiful these hue's are together.

Design by Lily Bunn Weekes

Lily Buun Weekes used the same Phillip Jeffries grass cloth I used in my den . . and mixed in a little Madeline Weinrib.  Her collection of rugs and fabric are all to die for.  Check them out all together . .   I added a little Quardrille to the mix

The white walls with just a pop of lavender is all you need sometimes . .  this chair or maybe the sofa below would do the trick

Gotta say . . .  in love with this Giambattista Valli Dress - and all that goes with.  A mere $7,739.  Tunic also available at Bergdorf's (on sale !) $776.00

This room, featured in the  Maison de Luxe Show house last year in Beverly Hills, designed by Jamie Drake . . . so yum

 photo credit Nicole Gibbons for So Haute 

Stay tuned . .  wrapping up my 2 day install in Hot-Lanta !!

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