Dressing Up . . . for a Night Out . .

Hey There !

Couldn't resist a re-post . . . came across these amazing images taking during the 2012 Venice Biennale.  "Some Pigeons are More Equal than Others" by artists Julian Charriere and Julius Von Bismarck.

The duo collaborated to dye the birds in an effort to change people's perception of them being considered "flying rats."  Without harming the feather critters, Charriere and Bismarck spray-painted them on a conveyor belt-like mechanism on a Copenhagen rooftop believing they would become "less offensive" and in turn, more accepted by those traveling the venetian piazzas!  What do you think ?

I am a big fan of grey, but adorning a jewel tone jacket for a night out on the Square would make me feel "fancy."

photo compliments of Designboom

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