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While I was in New York this past weekend -  I went out my first night, just to grab something for dinner.  I was staying near 14th Street in the Meat Packing District (a new neighborhood for me, I tend to be a Flat Iron kind of gal) and when I rounded the corner I walked right into a stylist's buffet table.  

The streets were filled with 20-somethings in their very cute, short, flashy dresses, their 5 inch heels were getting caught in the cobble stone streets and they were all a flutter.   It was "Fashion's Night Out".  An event sponsored by QVC and Maybelline of New York to kick off fashion week.   All the local designer shops were open, pouring champagne and cranking "Call Me Maybe" over and over - It was clubbing and shopping all in one.  It was quite the party.  So I grabbed a glass and started watching all the hubbub.

 I wandered and wandered, often jumping out of the way of truly infatuated young, future hopeful designers and models - who were running alongside camera men to catch a glimpse of the likes of Nichole Richie, Anna Wintour, Isaac Mizrahi, and Project Runway designers.  I have to say I was slightly a little "star struck" - snapping my i phone like a teenager - or big tourist, you pick.

Now if you know me at all - I could use a stylist (or surprise makeover), but I love fashion.  I do read Vogue, so getting that close to Ms. Wintour was pretty cool.  I often get a ton of inspiration from the season's colors, textures and patterns.  The runway does jump start interiors, everyone knows that !

I noticed a lot of pink, gray, raspberry, black and white and silver.  Tomorrow on the way to class (which by the way is the main reason for this not-just-for-fun trip) and after my meeting with a new client . . . I plan on taking all this inspiration a little further.

Stay tuned !

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