Photoshop Love Fest !

Hi Everyone . . .

Funnest few days in NYC . . . came up to attend BlogShop. I have been following DesignLoveFest  for a while now and I love Bri's style.  Beautifully laid out, designed and photographed.  I wanted to learn a few tricks of the trade, so I attended a 3 day crash course.  Along with her Blogshop partner Angela Kohler, amazing photographer and LA based filmmaker and director, our group of 25 were treated to a beautiful space, fun atmosphere and the immense knowledge of two inspirational women.   I have to say, I was so impressed with how they organized it all and shared the tips they have perfected and branded into their look in a non-pressure, creative and inspiring way.   They were just as fun easy to be around as they seem in the "virtual" world.

Meet Angela and Bri . . .

photo by beth keim

photo by beth keim

photo by beth keim

Bri just posted some of their images from the class . . . 

photos by angela and bri

Great time . . . my head is exploding with new information . . . and funnest of all
learned a bit about a technique Angela has mastered in a big way . .  stop-motion.  Check out her site and here and it might ring a bell.  She's amazing.  

Angela.. thanks for your patience - and I be proud . . I changed to forever, made it a gif. and successfully downloaded. . . it's a start !

Happy weekend.

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