Video Making In NYC !

Happy Tuesday . . .

Just saw D E S I G N L O V E F E S T and Bri's post of the NY blogshop class I was so happy to attend.  Learning a few video tricks and tips was amazing !!!

We went on the roof top for our class photo and a few instagram shots ! . . the view was amazing.   It was such a good time being around such creative people in my favorite city.

all photos by the women of blogshop

I have been playing with my new skills - stay tuned for the debut (I try to be a perfectionist . .  and it's taking a while . . maybe I should get Lucy to help me . . . something about a 13 year old computer savvy brain . . it's clicking with her faster than it is with me) !!

Want a fun weekend learning some new skills . . . sign up !

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