High Point Market 2012 Part One . . .

Hi There . . .

"Gone to Market," the note on the door said . . . for those of you unfamiliar, "Market" is the largest home furnishings trade show "in the world."  . . 7, 000,000 square feet to cover - and that's just in one of the 180 buildings there are to visit - over 2, 000 exhibitors to see and 6 days to do it.  It's overwhelming - and so much fun.  We go every year . . . twice.

All the designers, bloggers, stylists and "Style Spotters" were there, all of our favorite vendors were there and we were there on a mission to seek out something new.  I have to say, having a real photographer with me was delightful !!! Mekenzie captured some great images of things that really caught our eye.  Take a look at all the gorgeous details and finds we have added to our must have list.  We will be happy to source anything you see and love !

All available at www.lucyandcompany.com

all photos by Mekenzie France

Stay tuned . . . I will give you a look at my . . not so great images . . . via i phone !!

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