Spotlight - Susanna Bauer

Hey There . . 

I came across this artist today and find her work just amazing !  Wanted to share.  Susanna Bauer works with small structural objects based on found natural materials.

Things that often go unnoticed, like these leaves.  We dread raking them in when they cover our yard but gaze at them when they are at their yellow, red or orange Fall glory.  I am simply amazing at her patience in creating these beauties . . .

She pays such attention to the small details and the tactile quality of these objects, weaving and crocheting to create these shapes and forms.  She is interested in the unusual combinations of materials, the experimentation with fragility and strength and the individual stories that evolve and shape themselves in the process of making.

Susanna was born in 1969 in Bavaria, Germany.  In 2010 in the West Penwith area of Cornwall, she became a permanent residence.

Take a look at a few of my favorites !

For more details, check out her site at

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