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Last week was a week for the girls.   It was time to let go of the little girl "sweet" and update with a few strong patterns and a more grown up bed.  I am a big fan of the four-poster, for presence, as well as strong patterns.  Mia knows what she likes and in our meeting she looked at previous projects of mine and had to have 3 things - a Schumacher wall paper, Designers Guild fabric and a bubble chair I had used on a previous job.

She loved what I did for Sunday Richardson in Florida, and not wanting to duplicate a room, I wanted to pull in some things to make it different.  While similar, we did filtered in some things to create something unique for just her.

This eclectic space showcases an artistic feel.  We decided to use mismatched side tables this time and a strong, black chandelier.  This 4 post bed, in a lighter color gives an airy feel and a great window bench area, perfect place for the Designers Guild pink fabric.

Take a look at a new, grown up room for Mia . . 

Design boards help for a visual . . .

. . . and the finish product is brought to life.

photos by Mekenzie France

It is so clean and crisp now, much more fitting for this teen.  While I love this wall paper, I've used it a few times now . . . time to retire!

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  1. oh my goodness, I love this!!! I want this room:)