Giving Restoration Hardware a Boost

Hey There . . .

I have another girls room on the books to install shortly, Annalise Brawley.  Off at college now, we did her tween room about . . . gosh, 8 years ago.  All hot pink and crazy bright.  Now it's time for a more grown up space, yet still a bit whimsical. Having recently purchased a Restoration Hardware bed, a Restoration Hardware dresser, a Restoration Hardware chair and a Restoration Hardware side table - it was looking like their showroom (no offense Restoration Hardware).  Hum . . . it really needed some personality.  I went overboard and created 8 looks for our meeting.

Each look, for me, has its own personality . . . its own vibe.  Take a look at how I plan to keep an All Restoration Hardware bed, dresser, and chair from looking like a showroom.

There is one element in each room that is on the request list . .  can you see it?

The one thing requested  . . . "no pink, blue please."

Stay tuned !

1 comment:

  1. Oh. My. Gosh.
    These are all stunning. I would have a terrible time picking between them (good luck on that Annalise), but #8, 7 and 3 all make my heart pound. Mmm - maybe the solution is to do three bedrooms in that house? That way you get the very best of all worlds :-)

    Gorgeous work Beth - and I can't wait to see which one Annalise chooses.