Install of the Day . . . Week !

Hey There . . .

I have been excited for this install for a while.  I have known and worked with this client for some 10 years, but this installation was extra special. The last of the pieces came in and knowing Holly and Stavros Liakakos and their kids were heading out of town for Spring Break,  I thought it was the perfect time to tackle all five spaces.  Holly's birthday came up as well, what a fun thing to come home to!   So I asked Maggie to camp out in their home for several days to oversee all the deliveries.  She did an amazing job placing all the pieces and finding a few last minute choices.  We had painters, electricians, wall paper installers and movers all filtering in and out for a week. Bree and I were juggling two other installs so between the three of us, we managed to pull off all three on site installs.   It was quite the week of running between houses, shopping for needed accessories, cleaning, staging and lastly shooting them with Mekenzie.  A team effort this was !

I had an entire first floor to think about.  Where did it all start?  The lounge.  Holly had purchased the coffee table and chandelier.  We needed everything else.  I chose a color palette of indigo, mushroom, teal, and ash grey.  This palette was pulled from two chairs she already had in another room.  I loved them and wanted to work around those colors.  Her "lounge" a.k.a. drinking lounge needed to be rich and cozy and filled with interesting finds.  No kids allowed in this space.

The Lounge

The fireplace is the focal point, but lacked anything flanking it which, in my opinion anchors the wall.  My carpenter Chris Havey created these tall, freestanding pieces designed to fill the space with visual interest while housing all that booze, just kidding, but it does hold tucked away glasses, and martini paraphernalia.  I wanted a dark space, loaded with texture, so I chose to paint the entire space a charcoal.  We painted the walls, the trim and the windows a semigloss for a little luster.  For the cabinets, I chose a slightly lighter grey.  To give them some interest (and the simple fact I was dying to incorporate this new Zoffany paper) I backed them with a lapis lazuli like wall paper.  We shopped for accessories, large ones, as not to get lost visually.

The four chairs create the ultimate conversation space for a lot of grown up talk and unwinding.  Paired with two heavy, very symmetrical floor lamps in a large scale to balance the tall cabinets.  I added two mis-matched side tables atop an amazing rug from Stark.  I love this pattern and this week I used it in both the mushroom and navy version.  So much pattern, and warmth.  Simple, tone on tone art and graphic, hand painted like curtains finish off the look right by the front door.

I created and used this board while shopping for all the finishing touches.  

The Foyer

Your view from the front door does create the mood.  Each space, the lounge, dining and great room are also visible from the foyer, so my goal was to have all the pieces in these spaces relate to each other, yet have their own unique qualities. My favorite thing about this first floor are the collection of pieces.  I took my time hunting for something different and paid close attention to their individual details.  The foyer is wide allowing for a long bench, side chest and long runner.  The stairwell, large as well.  With tall walls and wide areas I designed large, meaning big accessories, big lighting, big pieces.  It's my opinion to do less, but pay attention to scale and be unique.  I am not a big fan of numerous and small chotskies. (per the Urban Dictionary . . . "generally useless crap of little or no value.  Similar to knick knacks, popularized in Weird-Al Yancovichs eBay song" . . . hilarious)

We have a bone inlay chest with a simple single accessory atop, layered rugs, round glass light fixture, two huge scones and large framed wall paper art.  I came up with this idea back in 2009.  I wanted a huge piece of art in my own living room (mine is about 10 feet x 8 feet), then I came across Trove.  Their papers are art in themselves and will allow you to do something on a large scale.  My mirror didn't make it in time for the shoot, but we found this gorgeous circle mirror at Slate.  I have a home in mind for the original mirror, both are gorgeous!

The Powder Room

The powder room is a space you shouldn't neglect.  It's the one space to have fun with, everyone will see and use it.  This powder had a dated, traditional, dark and heavy vanity.  I thought about painting it, but the lines were bothering me so bad I had Chris also make me a new one with more modern doors.  We then added horizontal wood wainscoting painted with a lacquer grey.  With four kids using this space and the fact I wanted a killer paper in there, this woodwork will save the paper from little hands, grime and water splashing.  Holly loved, and chose a piece of art from Keith's collection which pulled all the colors together.

The Dining Room

Ok I love this space !  I could sit for hours.  We chose to do a large rug, a large table (for those big Greek gatherings) and really comfortable - sink into - chairs !  The fabric on the back of the chairs started it all.  New from one of my vendors it combined the palette on this first floor in a nubby, high texture feel and look.  I paired it with a solid grey flannel on the front.  The walls, covered in a Phillip Jeffries grasscloth, it has a navy lacquer underneath a grey grass weave over top. The windows, a silk in the prettiest bubble pattern.  The standout piece in the room, a custom dining table by Josh Utsey.  Local artist, carpenter, furniture, lighting creator.  It's is simply gorgeous in it's size, finish and sleek Lucite slab legs.  It's a stunner! Check out Josh's work here.  He was amazing to work with on this project, which also included their new light installation in the family room.

The Great Room

This room is visible all the way to the front door.  It's fireplace, the focal point, was covered in stacked stone in the beginning of this project.  Holly really wasn't a fan.  Rather than just working around it and ignoring it, we tore it out.  Chris's team and a really big scaffold traded in the rock for a large grey wash, wood like tile. The look is much sleeker.  The space also had a undersized,  lack-luster ceiling fan.  I worked with Josh to create this lighting installation.  Rather a big deal to surprise Holly with it, but I went for it.  It's a stunner and at night with the dimmer, it just glows.  We switched out the large sectional for two lower back sofas, added another Stark rug and moved the gorgeous teal leather chair from her master to this space. 

all photos by Mekenzie France

A labor of love for someone who gets me.  This project was nothing but a fun time with Holly and a chance to do some really amazing things !

Great job by everyone involved.  My many, many thanks !

Here's what Holly had to say . . .

By the end of my project with Lucy & Company, I had a mantra: "Beth Knows Best." Let me explain what this means... After working with Beth the last 7 years to complete rooms for all of my children, I decided it was time for my own big girl rooms. My family had recently moved into a new home and it had sat relatively undecorated for four years - enter Lucy & Company. I had a lounge, hall bathroom, dining room and family room to decorate and I had all kinds of ideas but needed someone to reign me in and make it come to life. While I proclaim to love design and can Pin and Houzz with the best of them, let me be honest, I'm not a trained professional designer. I needed the expertise, the creativity, the innovation of a designer to take my ideas and make them bigger and better than I could ever imagined. Every detail was taken care of and every desire was satisfied. What I thought I could have done myself would have taken years instead of months - and trying to hire someone else that might be less expensive with less experience will cost you in the long run. If you want your house to become a home - and a reflection of you, but the really, good, well put together you, hire Lucy & Company. 

Beth and her team knew best every step of the way - from my snakeskin print wallpaper, to the live edge dining room table, to the dark grey walls in the lounge, to finally convincing me to get rid of a very expensive custom ordered sectional that was just wrong for my space... the list could go on and on. Trust your instincts and go with the best designer in town. She's an original (that many try to copy) with innovative ideas that work for your lifestyle. Who wants to live in a house that doesn't feel like your own? Again, Beth creates the best version of you possible - because Beth KNOWS BEST!