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When you are asked to help with the first floor of a home, room by room it only gets better and better (if you have a client that was happy with the very first thing you did and allows you to then pretty much do what you want).  Having completed the family room, breakfast room, powder room and my favorite dining room thus far - working on the front music room is like the icing on the cake.

This space, on the front of the house opposite the dining room, could serve several purposes.  A lounge, a study, another living space, it was built with wood paneling and large wood beams overhead.  All the wood was lightly stained a warm honey color, not my favorite and not the look I was going for in this home.   I convinced my client to paint it all white with black accent beams.  A dramatic change.   I pulled my colors from the dining room of navy blue splendor, but focused that color on the new carpet, then pulled the some of the colors from the other parts of the house in the new hand painted grass cloth, accent chair, art, accessories and amazing new window treatments.

Take a look at how this new music room and the nearby dining room now compliment each other.

This space, we decided needed to be bright, cheery and loaded with unique pieces with pattern and texture.  I started with these gorgeous window treatments.  The colors alone pull ALL the colors we have used in the home together which was perfect.  The win win was the pattern.  The floral was not too traditional, but more free spirited and artistic which I loved !

Another funny part about this design was the chair.  It was a piece my client had purchased prior and while loving the comfort and style, the color had never turned out quite as she expected.  With these curtains and new area rug it's now found the perfect home.

The stained paneling is gone and the gloss white allows all the colors to pop.  I really wanted to paint the beams and doors black to add a little weight.  Visually with the black piano it seemed to me a strong accent to pull it all together.

It's a lot of pattern on pattern but with the different scale as a whole it's pulled together.

 I love the new Lucite hardware I am using now !

This curved shelf is another favorite pieces of mine.  It creates such an enveloping corner and when accessorized with simple pieces in the right size it provides just the perfect backdrop.

Now when you walk through the first floor the flow it's very cohesive, yet each space has it's own individual personality.

Let me take you through a walk through . . . 

All the colors from downstairs even tie back perfectly with the kids rooms upstairs - the very first thing I worked on a few years ago.  

It has been such a labor of love working on this home and getting to know such an amazing, fun and spirited client.  As we move from room to room it just keeps getting better and better.  We are creating such an amazing overall space and I am so thankful to continue the process !!!

Love xox

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  1. Love how you think! Can't even imagine the honey color on the panelling.... the black beams are like an exclamation point in there and then that pick chair, yummy!