All for You Betsy . . .

Hey There . . .

I love having Betsy at the office.  She and I get each other, and we go way, way back.  We have kids the same age and we both have a wanderlust.  We have gypsy soles.  I am helping her with her daughter Mary's room.  I remember Mary as a baby, but it's time for this rising sophomore to have an updated room (plus it's a Lucy and Company employee perk).  Something that will take her through high school, into college (and guests will feel comfortable when she gets the boot - ha ha).

I, of course, pulled in some of Mary's requests, well one anyway - orange.  She also loves animals. Betsy took home a new book of fabric from Romo's Black Edition and this one fabric Mary loved as much as Betsy and I did.   So the ball is rolling.

On this design board frenzy weekend (working on new jobs for 5 new clients so in major creative mode), I finished Mary's Room.

After plugging in the window treatments - our floral fabric, I started pulling furniture, other fabrics and wall treatments.  I wanted to give Mary a big pop of orange, so behind the bed, I plan on painting this graphic treatment.  One of Kelly Weastler's wall coverings was foremost in my mind, but I wanted a different color and a larger scale . . . so I plan on creating a version using paint and tape !

Centering Mary's vintage bed, but recovering in a faux off white fur.  Two lacquered grey side chests and great new gold lamps.

The bed is finished off with a moroccan wedding blanket, an ombre velvet bolster and new skirt.  We can re-use the poufs we got for her last year.

In the window, the gorgeous curtains that started it all.  A Shine, green lacquer buffet and two chairs.
Over it all an antique mirrored ball fixture.

Opposite the bed, a new dresser with a great wood drawer detail. and in the weird corner a wood and metal corner shelf (to house girl stuff in maybe some pretty baskets.  We'll do the same wall treatment on that wall with a mid tone grey on the other two.

In love with the mix of fabrics, colors and textures !!!

Mary is an animal lover . . . plan on finding the perfect piece over the bed.  I love the horse, but maybe we'll find a piece by family friend Josh Brown (charlotte artist).  Does his work seem familiar to any of your Charlotte women?   Megan Orrell, owner of Scout & Molly shows his work at her store.   Megan and I met recently and am thrill be to helping another gypsy at heart with her the store and pulling together her whole new home in my hood !

Stay tuned, with Miss Mary and my Lucy's are doing a little part time work at the studio this summer, I will put those two to work on this great space and show them how it's all done.

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