Install of the Day!

Hey There . . .

Leslie Pearce.  Blond, skinny, vivacious, a dog lover,  a clothes horse.  Design challenged, and I say that with love.  She came into the studio like a whirlwind, clicking across the showroom floor in 4" heals.  Having just spent time with Jill Pleune at Sloan down the street, she was sent my way and just in time.  She said she wanted "a bed board" translation, master bedroom.

She and her rocker, dear head hanging, kitchen designing husband Jef, were getting close to completing the renovation of their new house.  A bungalow in Dilworth, once his guy pad, now a new home for two, all gutted, modern, clean and new.  She needed help asap with her master bedroom, with a plan in place for the living room.  We didn't have much time, but time enough to pull off the master and order the key piece for the living room, a large, sleek sectional which is being made . . .

We installed her master yesterday.  I had a blank slate (yay) The request - modern with style.  My design needed to include the paint colors Leslie and Jef had already chosen and painted.   In this case it worked out (but remember to always pick and paint last!)   The master was painted a pretty, warm grey so I played off of that.  The office downstairs was painted a rich, bright red.  With the rest of the house a cool pale grey, I wanted to find a way to have the red make sense, so I filtered it in the master just slightly as an accent color and in the future living room, I plan to pop in a red chair.

I came up with this for Leslie and Jef.

Take a look at the finished product and let me walk you through the thought process . . .

The obvious place for the bed, under the long skinny window.  I wanted something sleek and modern, this king cream leather bed was the ticket.  I wanted to give that large bed with surrounding windows something to anchor them, so I chose a dark black and grey wall paper.

Their style, and this house, is very sleek and modern, this couple couldn't be any more different yet they somehow complement each other perfectly.  She is ALL girl and he is all guy.  I didn't want a fussy room, yet I wanted a splash of red for Leslie - one of her favorite colors.  Wanted to accomplish that with art and accessories.

This dresser is the perfect example of the two of them.  Silver leaf, mixed with reclaimed wood.  Love the modern lines and just the right combination of the two of them.

Under Keith's art piece, a simple little glass sculpture that resembles both the lamps and the art.. love that.

Soft, shaggy, graphic rug.

A little furry, and a simple Restoration Hardware duvet and pillows.  F. Schumacher on the bolster.  The combination of paper, leather, fur, linen, and pattern fabric - 5 different textures and patterns that give the focal wall major impact.

What started it all - this Zoffany paper.  I love the dark color and movement.  It gives the wall some weight and anchors that big upholstered bed.  It makes the room !

A little splash of red next to the large, jewelry like, twisted silver lamps.  I love a big lamp, always a statement.

I screeched on the breaks when I passed Elizabeth House Flowers on the way to Leslie's.  They has these red beauties in the window and wanted.  Perfect little touch !

I found these mid century side tables at Slate and love them, a little vintage touch mixing the wood tones with the white.

Happy girl.

With the master finished . .  we are moving downstairs with a plan.  I love working with clients to come up with a full house game plan.  Whether we move on it all at once or phase it, knowing just what's to come take a little of the stress away !

Jef did an amazing job on their kitchen.  He worked with Beth Merrell on this fab RUTT (cabinet dealer) kitchen.  With the high end cabinets and appliances, it's sleek style suits the house and open floor plan.  His attention to detail in this space is impressive ! Great job Jef and Beth.  Check out his site . . . Salem Sales Company

We did get the office going with new desks, a rug, blinds and art.  I needed to work around the red walls Leslie and Jef chose ahead of time.  My solution . . . a red chair in the near by living space and in the office, a red desk which happened to match perfectly!  Here's the plan . . 

We are working on just the right art for the office, as well as storage and desk lamps.  In the meantime - the deer head went up in the tall stairwell.  Love them, and they are ALL Jef. (it's ok Leslie, they look fab !)  I think this love shack is well on it's way.

Pleasure working with you two . . . and . . .

Stay tuned for phase 2 !!

Sweet review from Leslie . . .