Install of the Day!

Hey There . . .

Road trip, and a quick one.  Nichole Hasan, I believe we only have 2 rooms left in your home, an office and a spare room.  We have tackled, long distance at that,  your living, dining, den, kitchen, powder, master and media and it's been so easy and fun working with you !!!  I thank you for your complete trust.  With Nichole, it's generally a complete surprise.  Check out the other spaces in her home we installed (here).  In the past two trips to Atlanta we installed spaces and welcomed them home to reveal, very "while you were out" style.

Now that I am so familiar with the home as a whole, I pulled together a guest room just in time for out of town company this coming weekend.  Maggie and I drove it down yesterday for a quick set up. Everything was crammed in my car and Keith followed in the truck.  Poof .. done.

Take a look at our eclectic guest room.  We had a completely empty room with beige walls.

I hear it a lot, that a dark color will "make the room look small."  Beg to differ if all the elements in the space are light to bounce off the dark.  I love the contrast, warmth and coziness a darker color can achieve.  This space is small and packed with eclectic things.

We created a tall "waffle" style headboard.  This light color against the olive walls kept the space from looking too heavy and dark.

The bedding and pop pillows mixed in purple, olive a touch of blue (I have used in the downstairs and down the hall) and of course, a little black which every space should have in one way shape or form.

A graphic purple and white curtains to soften the walls as well.

 A pair or really pretty lamps and black studded side tables.

Two of my favorite finds.  A small side chair I had recovered in plum with green piping and a mid-century blond dresser with black accent drawer.

The very small bathroom was painted purple with an olive, floral shower curtain from Thomas Paul.

photos by beth keim

Love this space, and love the no drama install.  We drove down in the morning, installed in 2 hours and made it home by 8!

Happy Day.