A Country Wedding

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A picture tells a thousand words, but only a great photographer brings it home.  Mekenzie came to work with me two years ago and I have been, not surprised, and more like amazed,  at just how beautiful her images are of the work I do.  She brings spaces to life and manages to capture all the details that I spent such care and time on.  I am so grateful to have moment captured and a way to revisit that moment in this amazing age of technology (and print - I am still a huge fan of the coffee table portfolio book).  Her images have helped create a website I am pretty proud of, a pretty blog, and fun Facebook and Instagram shout outs.  Her images are invaluable when new clients are looking for help and find me because of what they see.  So thank you, thank you.  Not only does she work for me shooting interiors, she works with her own clients shooting special occasions, their kids and any event that they may need.

She has such a unique perspective and eye.  Recently her sister got married.  These images capture their true selves and I love how simplistic and beautiful they are.  The candid moments are always the best !
Just wanted to share and take a sec to check out her site here !

all photos by mekenzie france

Thank you, thank you.

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