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Is summer really winding down?  I think so.  I have several clients coming home from their summer away, a few I installed while they were gone.  Keith is up at "the shore" with the kids for their yearly trek.  They are wandering the boardwalk (saying goodbye to the soon to be auctioned 82 year old Seaside Heights Carousel - such a shame), and playing in the sand.

Recently Carson (our intern) posted pictures of her trip to Thailand.  A gorgeous beach with amazing colors in the sand and water.  It reminded me of a wall paper I have used with gradating colors.  The beach, with it's setting sun, water and sand are such a calming visual inspiration.  Got me thinking a bit about what look I would want if I had a beach place.

photo by Chrissy Piper via freepeople.com

photos by Lisa Bonowicz available here

There are all sorts of beach vibes, all sorts of ways to style your weekend get-a-way, or vacation home.  I personally, like something really simple.  White, rustic and uncluttered, minimum (but with really good air conditioning), collected, with a whimsical side, a little sandy and bleached out looking.  Taken from my pinterest files . . . here's a good example.

One of my favorite blogs, SF Girl by Bay (here),  is a frequent read.  Victoria blogged about the Free People's Beach Camp - great idea and perfect way to end the summer !

She has a huge following and it's simple - she has great taste, information and style . . . I gravitate to her style and look and find many an inspiration.

Another favorite of mine is Lisa Sherry.  In 2012 Lonny featured her Bald Head Island home.   I still remember her back porch.  Love the look.

for a larger version of this story click link (here)

I think keeping it simple is the way to go . . . conducive to clearing the mind !

I'm heading back to Bald Head in the not too distant future to do a few little things at my client's the Jacobsen's home.  We had such a fun time there not too long ago and can't wait to go back.

This time it will be more play than work - yay.
check out that install (here)

 photo by mekenzie france

Happy Sunday !

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